Since a couple of years The Captain Armband Group has been the world's largest supplier of (personalized) Captain armbands.

Different sportsclubs from all sport disciplines (clubs playing at every level) and fanshops now offer their fans the possibility to buy a captain armband with their club logo and/or personal design on it. We have provided many shops with this option of offering their customers a personalized and/or standard captain band. Our standard collection is also appears to be a big hit!

In the past Captain Armbands were a subject usually hiding from the limelight, but this has changed rapidly! Due to the possibillity of costumisation the popularity of the Armbands are increasing every single day. Even the more standard designed Armbands (Beer, Respect, Anti-Racism and hundreds of other designs) are now being swiftly sold in (web)shops, creating more cross selling opportunities for your business.


Benefits of our Reseller Program:

Do you own a webshop and/or physical store? Then our Reseller Program is for you! Because of our unique product (and available pre-made designs) you will be able to offer your customers a whole new range of products. Through your personal Reseller account you will also be able to personally design Armbands. In case you have any questions or need any assistance, we will always be available during office hours to help you every step of the way!


By offering (personalized) Armbands you can generate extra profit while at the same time offering a different type of article to your customers. With our Reseller Program you will have a personal account with us wich you can use 24 hours a day. Due to our low wholesale prices, unique products and short delivery time these Armbands will be running out of your store!


All of our captain armbands are handmade and assembled In Bleiswijk (The Netherlands). This means our product is 100% handmade. Prior to shipment all ordered captain armbands will be double checked by our Product Manager(s), this way we can always guarantee a quality product. It doesn’t matter how many Armbands you need for any order, large or small we are your Supplier!


Due to our own Production Center we can check every step of the process ourselves. That is why our armbands are of absolute top quality. As said before: our captain armbands are assembled manually. They are also provided with a unique sublimation print. After the production of an Armband, the Armband will be covered with a unique coating, which gives you the possibillity to wash the Armband up to 1000 times in the washing machine.


On a weekly basis our Production Center produces approximately 1500 captain armbands from web-orders only. Combined with our established customers such as (professional soccer) clubs, companies, governments and other organisations our production totals on average 2500 captain armbands per week. We were able to set the average delivery time of an order to 2-3 working days. We mostly use DHL as a postal service. In Belgium we use  PostNL Belgium, In the United Kingdom The Royal Mail and in The United States USPS. Do you ever need an emergency delivery? No worries, we can also arrange that for an additional fee!


Through our Reseller Progam you will get acces to a personal account. In this account you will find a list of prices wich you can use for selling our products. The use of these prices are not an obligation, you can also determine the prices yourself. This means that you are the designer of your own profit!